Play to earn & Play to whitelist

NFT holders can compete for up to $10,000 in cash prizes after playing our game post mint. We give away prizes to NFT holders who make it onto our DailyWeekly or Monthly top 10 leaderboard.
We have fixed cash prizes on our leaderboard ranging *from $1 to $10,000, *we use 100% of our royalties to provide cash prizes for the community.
In the event that we do not have enough cashflow from royalties to provide the cash prizes, we will pay a fixed percentage of the royalty cut instead of the fixed amount to ensure that our community will always have the ability to to earn cash prizes.
All of our prizes are paid in USDC (polygon)** to ensure that winners can enjoy their prize money without having to worry about high transaction fees.
Alongside our unique play to earn structure, we also utilize the worlds first play to whitelist system.
Our team understands that invite competitions and grinding for levels in a discord server isn’t an enjoyable activity, so we decided to reinvent the whitelisting system by allowing you to earn a whitelist directly through our game itself.
After seeing the success of our unique whitelisting system, our team decided to take this system global with the Whitelist Launchpad system.
The Launchpad system allows us to create a custom version of our game for other communities**, and provide them with the full whitelisting structure so that they can use the same whitelisting system as our project.