The Crypto Jumper Launchpad


The Launch Pad concept has been designed for the purpose of providing a streamlined whitelisting utility for other NFT projects to integrate into their projects.
One of the current issues negatively impacting the NFT space is undeniably the low-quality customer experience associated with the whitelisting process.
Invite competitions and minimum level requirements can be considered the standard operating procedure across the NFT industry for the whitelisting process – but do these methods actually engage the user?
We don’t think so. Our solution to this problem is? The Launch Pad.


The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is a system that allows external projects to use our enjoyable web-based game to whitelist members into NFT projects. Each day, users can compete with each other by playing our game; the top players for each day then walk away with a whitelist spot. Our team has built systems that are capable of whitelisting members at scale directly through the use of this game.
In our personal NFT project named Crypto Jumpers, this is exactly the system that we used for our whitelisting procedure.
We were able to build an excellent community culture through the use of this system because our members actually enjoyed and looked forward to the process of earning a whitelist each day.
This system also effectively creates a high level of exclusivity for the whitelist spots, because you can set a limited amount of whitelist spot availability each day.
This is scalable depending on the size of your community.


Key Advantages

There are multiple key advantages that the Launch Pad provides for NFT projects:
Unique Whitelisting Process
Scalable Whitelisting Capabilities
Enjoyable Whitelisting Experience
Community Culture Building Activity
When compared with the generic whitelisting methods used across the NFT sector – this method presents significant advantages.
Our team had the ability to observe these effects firsthand while deploying them in the Crypto Jumpers project.


Interested in Our Launch Pad Concept?

We are excited to share our Launchpad concept with the broader NFT sector because we are inspired to step up the level of quality in this industry.
If you are interested in integrating the Launch Pad concept into your project or community, reach out to us and we can discuss the details!