The next play-to-earn
gaming experience

Crypto Jumpers is an NFT collection that allow you to join our play-to-earn jumping game.

Play with your NFT

Compete with the world’s best jumpers using your unique jumping nft in our enjoyable play to earn game. Put your skills to the test in a competitive environment for the chance to win big.




Combined by 275+ different traits

Your NFT will be your personal key to access the play-to-earn features within the Crypto Jumpers game, and will allow you to cast your vote on community-driven features.


A variety of themes with a variety of prizes. Win anything from cash prizes to whitelist spots.

Mobile Game

Feel like jumping on the go? We got you covered with our mobile game. Just promise us you won’t jump and drive.


Solid project with a solid plan

Phase 1

We start off Crypto Jumper with a bang by releasing our beta game before anything else, expect to see:

- NFT Collection
- Play to Whitelist Crypto Jumper Beta Game
- Power up’s Integration
- Kicking Integration
- Monsters Integration
- New themes

Phase 2

Once the first phase is rounded up and we have a jumping community in place we are ready to unveil the full game to all

- Full Game Release
- Play to Earn
- NFT Integration
- New themes

Phase 3

A platform which will be used by other projects to launch their own NFTs and whitelist their community!

- Launchpad UI/UX development
- Launchpad Release
- Weekly projects
- Custom Project Themes and Sprites

Phase 4

At last we reach the mobile version of Crypto Jumper you guys have all been waiting for. You can expect to see:

- Improved game mechanics
- Android Mobile Game
- IOS Mobile Game
- New game modes
- New themes


Still have a question that hasn’t been awnsered? Jump into our discord and reach out to us. If we take longer than 24H to respond you will get a free NFT

You will be able to mint a Crypto Jumper NFT if you have a spot on the JumpList. The only other way to obtain a Crypto Jumper NFT is by buying one on Opensea.

Providing you with an Ecosystem that can soon live a life of its own. Right after mint, you will be able to gain access to our ready to use play to earn ecosystem and Jumpworld. A world where Jumper holders will be given unique rights and gain access to special perks and giveaways.

Take a look at the #jumplist channel inside the discord for the details!

Games and tournaments must be played directly by humans. The use of bots, ML, AI, pets, extra terrestrials, or other means will get your Crypto Jumper banned permanently from playing and future staking. If you believe you have been banned by mistake please join our discord to appeal.


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